“Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy.”
— Unknown author

Way back in 1689 in Edward Lloyds’ coffee shop, the principle of transferring risk originated. Ship owners allowed “insurers” to sign under their ship’s name and offer protection from the risks of the sea for their shipments in exchange for money. Thus, the concept of insurance was born.

The basic principle of risk transfer still remains today, but the insurance industry has developed ways to avoid or minimize loss exposures through risk management by identifying, analyzing, controlling, and handling risks or exposures.

There are several basic tenets of risk management:
  • Don’t retain more than you can afford to lose.
  • Don’t risk a lot for a little.
  • Consider the realistic odds
  • Don’t treat insurance as a substitute for loss control.

The emphasis for TISC’s Risk Management (TRM) department is on the importance of avoiding an accident or loss before it occurs. We work with our clients to identify, minimize or eliminate perils and risks associated with their business through safety and loss prevention techniques and training.

When your assets, both human and financial, are protected through a complete insurance and risk management program, your business will experience fewer interruptions or losses – and your employees will experience fewer injuries, making them more productive. The core benefits of an active risk management program include reduced accidents, providing adequate asset protection for the entity, and the ability to plan and budget better for retained losses.

In supporting individual policyholder risk management needs, we support the NTCA membership with training, seminars, informational alerts and newsletters, inspections, studies and benchmarking. This puts our clients in the best position to identify and mitigate risks, while experiencing accidents or losses below that of their competitors.

Combining our expertise and resources in insurance offerings with TISC Risk Management, we are able to strengthen our relationships and become an integral part of our clients’ teams. When TRM is combined with all of the other services provided by TISC, it makes one impressive package and accomplishes the goals set out by TISC’s mission statement.


With a focus on education and risk management, Telcom is proud to provide a variety of helpful resources:

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