TIG Provides Stability in These Uncertain Times

There is a global pandemic that continues to impact our world and change how we conduct business. It has resulted in millions of people struggling to study or work from home, while many others have been furloughed from their jobs altogether.

There also is civil unrest across the nation as thousands take to the streets to protest injustice and racial inequality, which further divides us as a nation.We are fed a

stream of contradictory information. We debate science and the efficacy of facial coverings to protect us. All the while, unemployment skyrockets and economists fear the worst.

It is only natural to feel stressed out and unsure.

The insurance industry is not immune to uncertainty that may or may not follow the rest of the world. Instability among insurance carriers causes stress to them and their insureds. National Farmers Union even as one of the larger insurers operating within the telecommunications sector, has been sold multiple times in the last few years.

Originally QBE Insurance sold to National General. Now National General/National Farmers Union is in the process of being acquired by Allstate. That is a lot of change in a short period of time. While the first sale didn’t create any challenge ripples, no one knows what the pending acquisition by AllState. Telcom Insurance Group has the same structure and basic ownership for 38 years, this is a stable insurance partner and stress free environment for an insured.

Telcom Insurance Group has been around since 1982, and while we have evolved and grown over the years, we have never lost sight of who we are and where we are headed. Every day we focus on one mission: to be your trusted insurance partner guiding your business through the uncertainties of life.

The current political climate will continue to create uncertainty in our lives, but an insurance partner like TIG can be a stabilizing force.

Many aspects of our successful operations are the result of responsible planning, astute management, excellence in all products and services, and the continued support from NTCA, policyholders, shareholders and our board of directors.

We appreciate your continued support and allowing us the opportunity to earn your trust every day. Thank you for being part of our family as we navigate together through these uncertain times.