2020 Risk Management Conference

These are certainly unprecedented times, and the rules of engagement and social distancing are ever evolving to try to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 virus. Regarding the upcoming Risk Management Conference, currently scheduled for July 12-14, we are hoping that it can happen in some form.

With the safety of our employees and our attendees in mind, we expect to make a final decision in June before the conference is scheduled. That being said, it would probably be best if you delay making travel plans as we all navigate the “new normal.” We will let everyone know once a scheduling decision is made.

The setting for Telcom’s 2020 Risk Management Conference will be beautiful Asheville in the “First in Flight” state of North Carolina, so the theme this year spotlights our role as “First in Rural Telecommunications Insurance and Risk Management Solutions.”

As the property-casualty insurance and risk management arm of NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association, Telcom Insurance Group has designed an educational session that will provide you real-life solutions in handling the current business insurance and risk management needs of your rural telecommunications cooperative or company.

Telcom’s focus is solely on the needs of rural telecommunication companies, so as such we invite you to come to this conference to better understand insurance and the finer details of risk management applications specific to our ever-evolving industry.

Family is important to us. We think of you as part of our great-big family, and we invite you to bring your family along to the event, too.

The 2020 RMC is a great opportunity to network with fellow rural telecom providers and share ideas, learn new insurance and risk management concepts, and have a little fun, all at the same time. It’s also an opportunity to participate in RTIC’s Safety Group training.

About Asheville, North Carolina
Nestled in North Carolina’s southern Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville and its neighboring foothill towns exude quirky charm and character. Forbes included Asheville on its list of “Top Destinations.” Actually, 50% of the U.S. population live within 600 miles of Asheville. The meeting is slated to be held at the Grove Park Inn.

Scheduled sessions
Shirley Bloomfield will discuss the state of rural telecommunications; Peter Elliott will discuss the state of the companies and various insurance topics; the Asheville Service Center will review the current and future benefits offerings of the association; Marilyn Blake will lead a panel discussion on workers’ compensation and its effects; and Craig Rapp will review some of the most common perils that affect both inside and outside rural telecom employees.