We would like to welcome the following new members to our Telcom P&C and/or D&O family: Indiana Fiber Network, Farmers Mutual Telephone, Pierce Telecommunications, Titonka-Burt Communications and Nunn Telephone.

Upcoming Holidays: Our offices will be closed on Monday, Feb. 17, for Presidents Day. Please report all claims directly to the carrier. If you need claims reporting phone/fax numbers, please dial our main line at 301-220-3200 for a complete listing.

We offer our Congratulations to the following Telcom family members:

  • Kirk Petty, CEO and general manager of Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative, was named to the Texas Governor’s Broadband Development Council.
  • Eleanor Geraldine Haskin, former owner of Waitsfield and Champlain Valley Telecom, became the second woman elected to the Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association’s Telephone Hall of Fame.
  • Lyn Kamerman, executive director of the Texas Telephone Association, on his retirement.
  • Shawn Hanson, CEO of PTCI, on his upcoming retirement in April. Also, congratulations to Jana Wallace of PTCI on her promotion to CEO.
  • Mike Whalen of Pioneer Connect on his retirement and the end of the year. Also, congratulations to Jim Rennard, who will be replacing Mike as general manager.

We offer condolences to the following Telcom family members:

  • To the family of Wayne Stowman of Rothsay Telephone, who passed away in November.
  • To the family of John “Big John” Gahlon of Garden Valley Telephone, who passed away in November.
  • To the family of Steve Alexander, Chief Financial Officer of Eastex Telephone Cooperative, on the passing of his father, Bill Alexander, in December.
  • To the family of Trent Boaldin, CEO of Epic Touch, who passed away in January.