Advantages of Electronic Bill Pay

You have options when it comes to paying your invoices from Telcom Insurance Group. We do not take credit cards, and we’ve always had the vast majority of our policyholders pay us with a check. This year we have seen a couple of companies requesting to pay their invoices electronically. In the past, paying a bill online was not always a trusted practice, but now it is a more common form of payment than the traditional paper check.

There are several advantages to paying your Telcom invoice electronically, such as time management, security and conservation.

Time management: In most cases, it takes less time to submit a digital payment through your bank than it does to print a paper check. This allows you to focus your attention on other tasks. The payment will also reach the destination much faster than with snail mail.

Security: Making an online payment reduces the chances that a payment will be intercepted by a third party, as most financial institutions use complex security protocols to protect your information. Security risks do exist online, but online payment is more secure than mailing your payment.

Conservation: By decreasing the number of paper checks that need to be created to pay bills via mail, you will also reduce the energy and fuel used to print, process and transport the checks, thus reducing your carbon footprint. In addition, you will be spending less money on checks, envelopes and stamps.

Of course, we will always take a check. But if you are interested in paying your Telcom invoices electronically, please contact Kyra Eatmon, accounting and finance assistant, at for more information.