Why do you have a ‘workbook’ that lists the items you want to insure?

With the start of the new decade and with our new family of insureds that have joined us, I would like to take a minute and share the importance of the Telcom Excel “workbook.”

During the renewal process, many times you are asked to update the workbook with changes that you have made throughout the year or changes that maybe you have not had the chance to turn in. We ask these questions for the mere purpose of making sure we are providing you the service you hired us to do: insure your company.

The workbook we ask you to update contains your property schedule, auto schedule, drivers list, workers compensation information and a host of questions. Having the most updated information provides us the opportunity to evaluate the policies you currently have in place and make sure they are adequately providing the coverage you need.

Many carriers still require completion of an ACORD Form, which is a common insurance form but is somewhat more cumbersome than the Excel workbook Telcom Insurance Group uses. We hope by simplifying and using the Excel workbook instead of the ACORD Form, the process of keeping us updated will be easier for you, the insured.

In addition to more convenience for you, our goal is to make sure your claims are covered properly. When you provide us the updated schedules through this Excel workbook, we can better help you manage your risk. We want to make things as easy as possible for you, and please know, we are here to help! We are your partner in business, and we want to help make sure you are covered at a time of loss.